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hey- you've reached dom's website!

i'm a multidisciplinary artist working primarily in video games. this is my personal page, a sort-of portfolio and sort-of more frequently updated overview of things i'm doing. expect this space to change a lot, i just got started

if you want to reach out to me, i'm @zerstoerer on twitter/instagram and dom#0999 on discord. or email me: dominikjohann at gmail

what i've been up to:

  • i'm doing design visual direction on The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe with Crows Crows Crows. we're planning to release sometime in 2021
  • at crows, i'm also making trailers, running social media, and designing and managing regular newsletters
  • i've been creating cute 3D horror dioramas
  • i helped make a game called Minit with my friends kitty, jw, and jukio! it's out on most platforms i can think of
  • i'm making music as 0999 and as one half of BATLORD, with pay-what-you-can releases on bandcamp
  • i got to do plenty of voice acting for games and animation: Sunset by Krillbite, cas van de pol's ultimate recap cartoons, Flavortown VR, Accounting+, Minit and more - i'm available for more work like that!

here's a few things i've been enjoying recently:

  • as the web is getting more front-loaded with heavy content like video and interactive media, i'm trying to stay conscious of the environmental impact of things i create online (this website is made reasonably light-weight, static, javascript-free, on green energy servers)
  • i'm reading as regularly as possible! i've been getting into horror, science fiction and magical realism. let me know if there's something you think i might like. → reading list
  • i also hang out in the public crows discord server - come say hi!

latest note:


my first note! i just added this system which will let me add bits of writing that are bigger than tweet-length but not long enough for a standalone article. they'll be listed in the 'notes' section going forward.

for legal purposes: this website may set cookies. i'm supposed to show you a button here that lets you opt out of cookies, but that's not how most browsers work. i assure you that your data isn't used for anything and you're not being tracked.

dominik johann
Crows Crows Crows
Gro├čbeerenstra├če 34
10965 Berlin





video + animation


talks + workshops

  • william pugh & dominik johann make a game really fast because let's face it we'll all be dead soon (amaze. / berlin 2015)
  • audience-generated live zine making (feral vector 2015)
  • hypertext game making: a twine workshop starring YOU (hamburg university of applied sciences, 2015-2016)