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hey- you've reached dom's website!

i'm a multidisciplinary artist. this is my personal page, a sort-of portfolio and sort-of more frequently updated overview of things i'm doing. expect this space to keep changing over time.

if you want to reach out to me, i'm @zerstoerer on twitter/instagram and dom#0999 on discord. or email me: dominikjohann at gmail

what i've been up to:

  • i recently left the team at Crows Crows Crows, where i was co-founder, art director, and responsible for social media, trailers, and newsletters
  • the latest crows game, The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe, is out now on computers and consoles
  • i've been creating cute 3D horror dioramas
  • i helped make a game called Minit with my friends kitty, jw, and jukio! it's out on most platforms i can think of
  • i'm making music as 0999 and as one half of BATLORD, with pay-what-you-can releases on bandcamp

here's a few things i've been enjoying recently:

  • i've been learning blender and experimenting with short-form 3D animation
  • as the web is getting more front-loaded with heavy content like video and interactive media, i'm trying to stay conscious of the environmental impact of things i create online (this website is made reasonably light-weight, static, javascript-free, on green energy servers)
  • i'm still reading as regularly as possible → reading list

latest note:

2022-07-18 → all notes

i'm no longer part of crows crows crows. while i'm sad to leave the game studio i helped build from the ground up, i was hit hard by crunch and burnout and i feel strongly that it's the right move. these are issues prevalent in the industry and while despite my best efforts there weren't any improvements during my time at crows, i sincerely hope that my leaving can be a chance for the team to restructure and do better in the future. i'm going to take an extended break to recover and figure out what's next for me, personally and creatively

for legal purposes: this website does not set any first-party or third-party cookies. your data isn't used for anything and you're not being tracked.

dominik johann
Crows Crows Crows
Großbeerenstraße 34
10965 Berlin





video + animation


talks + workshops

  • william pugh & dominik johann make a game really fast because let's face it we'll all be dead soon (amaze. / berlin 2015)
  • audience-generated live zine making (feral vector 2015)
  • hypertext game making: a twine workshop starring YOU (hamburg university of applied sciences, 2015-2016)
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