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about me

i'm dominik johann (he/they), a multidisciplinary artist. i create illustrations, animations, games, and music.

i was born in 1991 and i'm based in berlin, germany.

previously, i was a co-founder, art director and social media manager at the independent game studio crows crows crows.

for a list of hardware and software i use for creative projects, see → setup

about this website

this site is still growing and has some intentional blank spaces. i'm planning for it to become equal parts portfolio, weblog, journal, and gallery.

it is made reasonably light-weight, static, javascript-free, on green energy servers. images are compressed and dithered where applicable. you are not being tracked.

hosted on uberspace. static html pages generated using eleventy. written in a text editor.

loads ~3K of css and ~2M of woff typefaces.

this font is iosevka, an open source typeface designed for code and technical documentation (github)

internal links look like this: home - external links look like this: webring

contact me

email: dominikjohann at gmail