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# 2021-03-04

my first note! i just added this system which will let me add bits of writing that are bigger than tweet-length but not long enough for a standalone article. they'll be listed in the 'notes' section going forward.

# 2021-03-06

i was recently interviewed about my game studio's history as well as personal development with regards to design and development. i realized during this chat that my first foray into graphic design was creating a custom .TGA spray logo for counter-strike 1.6 - i pirated my first copy of photoshop simply to customize this one game. almost two decades later, i'm now using photoshop (a legal copy, i promise) to create actual in-game textures for a game that's deeply rooted in the source engine. there's a nice symmetry to this

# 2022-07-18

i'm no longer part of crows crows crows. while i'm sad to leave the game studio i helped build from the ground up, i was hit hard by crunch and burnout and i feel strongly that it's the right move. these are issues prevalent in the industry and while despite my best efforts there weren't any improvements during my time at crows, i sincerely hope that my leaving can be a chance for the team to restructure and do better in the future. i'm going to take an extended break to recover and figure out what's next for me, personally and creatively

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